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Realtor Jennifer Turberfield, ASP, MCNE, RCNCS is a top ranking, award winning real estate agent specializing in Nashville and Williamson County. Home buyers and sellers turn to Jennifer when they’re tired of no communication from their agent, feeling disrespected as well as pressured into making a deal happen even when it’s not in your best interests. Sound familiar?

When you work with The Jennifer Turberfield Group at Benchmark Realty, you can expect the best!




How do you know the good real estate agents from the bad? The experienced from the newly licensed when everyone espouses the same hyperbole? Jennifer has won multiple awards for her customer service and sales success. With over 120 sales and 100% past clients rating her “Highly Recommended” with a five star rating. Jennifer is a proven professional, year after year.

No communication is the number one complaint about Realtors and rightly so. We carry our phones everywhere so there is no excuse for this. If you have a concern or question, it needs to be addressed and fast! Over 75% of Jennifer’s reviews specifically mention her speed to respond and attentiveness. In fact, this is the number one reason she is referred by past clients to their friends and family. 

Your property is your greatest asset and during each real estate transaction, there are multiple times the negotiation skills of your agent are tested. Who has your back? Jennifer is one of only three Nashville agents with a Masters in Real Estate Negotiation and is an expert in how to position you to maximize your interests at every turn.




The average homeowner moves once every ten years. Jennifer sells a home once every two weeks. Jennifer has the knowledge, area info and expertise from over 120 home sales to anticipate problems, know how to resolve them, guide you through each stage and ensure your transaction closes successfully with the the best results for you. 

The majority of Jennifer’s business comes from repeat clients and word of mouth referrals because she looks out for her clients and is not interested in pushing for a quick sale. Clients don’t know what they don’t know. This is when Jennifer steps in with her expert real estate knowledge and experience to protect her clients interests every step of the way. 

Your home is a massive investment and the details truly matter. Jennifer may not make any friends with the other side or opposing Realtors, but her attentiveness and detail oriented nature is very much welcomed by clients who appreciate their questions being answered and comments made at meetings noted and followed up on. 




“Honest’ comes up repeatedly in Jennifers reviews because you’ll always get her honest opinion. If she sees a potential problem with a home or wouldn’t buy it herself, she’ll tell you. For example if your carpet would prevent a house sale or a high sale price will leave your property sitting on the market forever. Sometimes people do not like hearing the truth but it can save a lot of time and money in the long run. This is also why Jennifer Turberfield is a Realtor you can Trust.  

Wile there will always be things that crop up outside of anyone’s control, Jennifer works tirelessly to alleviate as much stress from you as possible. Often a problem has been anticipated and prevented before you are even aware of its existence. This is what an experienced agent brings to the table. Jennifer has the confidence, knowledge and assertiveness to often push back on the other side rather than bringing every small problem to you. This helps the transaction to be a stress free as possible. Jennifer also works with a group of specialized people and companies who she knows will give you great customer service.

This is not a hobby or something that Jennifer dabbles in. She’s more than a full time professional real estate agent who’s entire livelihood depends on the results she obtains for her client. If they’re not successful, she’s not successful. Failure is not an option!

Realtor Jennifer Turberfield - Real Estate Agent

Jennifer Turberfield

Realtor ®, ASP, CRNCS, MCNE, BSc (Hons)
Benchmark Realty, LLC. 

TREC # 323708
318 Seaboard Lane, Suite 115, Franklin, TN, 37067
Benchmark Realty License # 259153
Office.  (615) 371 1544