Get Organized

Selling your existing home and buying a new one creates so much extra work on top of your already busy family and work lives. You can seriously help yourself by being organized. Create separate lists for each element of the move which needs your attention and then prioritize within each list. Get everything out of your head and on to paper to enable you to focus, be efficient with your time and know where to direct your efforts.

Positive Mindset

Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events but your attitude and mindset can make a huge difference. The energy that surrounds the sale of your home is going to have a big impact on the end result. Problems will come up but if you keep your emotions in check and deal with everything one day at a time, the whole process will be much easier and more successful for everyone involved.

Let the Buyers ‘Win’

It’s important for buyers to feel as if they have ‘won’ whether that’s at your price or theirs. Everyone loves a good deal and the art of skillful negotiation is for each party to believe they are victorious. By allowing the buyers to feel good about their purchase, you’re winning as the seller. A successful transaction is not a fight between the buyer and seller but a meeting of intellectual minds to reach an outcome both parties can be excited about.

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