Good choice! As the saying goes, I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as fast as I could.

Over 70% of our buyer clients at The Jennifer Turberfield Group are relocating from out of state. We understand you need a special level of service; a true advocate, a knowledgeable guide and an honest friend.  


PROACTIVE: You need an agent to be your eyes and ears whether it’s taking video of a new listing or face timing you through the home inspection, we go the extra mile when you can’t.

HONESTY: When moving to an area you are unfamiliar with, you need an honest voice; someone you can trust and rely upon to help you make the right decisions for your family.

RESPONSIVE: We pride ourselves on customer service so answering your calls and responding to email and texts is of utmost importance. Our goal is to keep you so updated, you never need to reach out to us, but if you do, we’ll be here.

KNOWLEDGE: Schools, commutes, neighborhoods, taxes – you’ll have so many questions! We live and work here and have all the local information on the issues which matter to you.


We leaned heavily on Jennifer as we were living in Wisconsin and purchasing in Tennessee. The amount of work Jennifer does behind the scenes sets her apart from other realtors. She’s putting out fires you didn’t know had ignited. She constantly went above and beyond we couldn’t have done it without her.


Nashville’s spirit of collaboration holds the key to this vibrant city of contrast. “I Believe In Nashville”, a celebrated local saying and much worn brand, epitomizes the relaxed southern charm with the more recently infused entrepreneurship and high tech business. Whether you’re about green spaces and front porch rocking chairs or guitar strumming and honky tonk dancing, Nashville has a scene where you can strive and thrive. If the low cost of living, low unemployment and lack of state income tax aren’t enough to tempt you, how about the nationally recognized school system, top universities, leading health care facilities, legendary music &  entertainment industry, professional sports, vibrant arts & culture, gourmet food and drink and green spaces for outdoor living?

Nashville is a truly unique city with a rich history, independent style and welcoming people. What are you waiting for?

We reside overseas and so our home purchase took place entirely electronically. This could have ended badly if it weren’t for our great discovery called Jennifer Turberfield. We can’t say enough to describe her impeccable execution of our home purchase. She far surpassed all our expectations. Thank you!