The for-sale sign is in your yard and the lock box on the front door but the hard work is far from over. Now you need to maintain your model home appearance, be responsive to showing requests at all times, consider buyers feedback and take into account broader factors which could be affecting your listing. The more you are able to embrace the hassles of selling and completely throw yourself into the process, the quicker you’ll be sold.

Continued Market Monitoring

The economy, financial markets, competition from other listings, new construction and even the weather can all play a part in the sale (or not) of your home. They need to be monitored. So long as you are an active seller awaiting a contract, you must pay attention to any changing external factors which could be adversely affecting your sale…and react accordingly.

The Importance of Accessibility

The house must be available to show when its convenient for the buyer to look at it. No matter how you feel or what kind of day you’ve had, you still have to be accommodating, even in a sellers market. Buyers will rarely come back and can often be insulted by a showing rejection or believe you to be unmotivated. The longer a house is on the market, the less money the seller nets. So tidy up quickly, get out the house to oblige every showing and be sure to take the dog with you.

Respond to Feedback

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Contradictory feedback is to be expected. However if there is consistent feedback about something specific then you need to address it. Make the repair or install the upgrade just don’t offer. Be sure you’re listening to feedback and ready to do what’s required to get the house sold.

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